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Frequently Asked Questions

At Jet Positions, we’re glad to answer any questions you might have about buying or selling an aircraft position. Some common questions are below, but please call us directly at 317-299-5663 for more information.

How do I know what positions are available for purchase?

Can I find other investment partners to share in the purchase and ownership of an aircraft position?

At what stage of manufacturing can offers be made on available positions?

What type of aircraft can be purchased as future positions?

Is the purchase of a future position negotiated with the manufacturer or the owner of the position?

How much time can be saved by buying a future position vs. waiting for new delivery of an aircraft ordered today?

What is the normal delivery timeframe for most new jets?

What if any changes can I make to the aircraft’s interior or avionics before taking delivery?

At what point in the process does legal ownership of the position change from seller to buyer?

How do I find buyers for my position in an aircraft?

Is it possible to make or lose money on the sale of a position I currently own?

Can I sell just a portion of my future ownership and still retain a fractional share in a position?

Does the buyer of my position become fully responsible for the final purchase of the aircraft?

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