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Buying and Selling Jet Positions
by: Jet Positions

We live in exciting times for aviation. Never have so many new and technologically advanced models been in development. Great for buyers, great for manufacturers. But in the real world, your life will change in the next three to five years. Can you guarantee you know your needs and aviation requirements that far out in time? Few can. Things change…today, many manufacturers are announcing spectacular new models for which they ask for and expect deposits ranging in size from a few thousand dollars to multi-millions, then ask that you wait 2-5 years for delivery. A lot of things happen in 2-5 years…life happens, desires change, aviation needs change and worse, we are all mortal. An airplane that fits specific needs may work when you place the order, but in the 5 years you have to wait for delivery, business may get better or worse, family’s evolve through marriage, kids or divorce making the future deposit schedule daunting. More of Story

At Jet Positions, we provide various aviation-related documents that can educate you on current issues and help you make more informed decisions about purchasing or selling aircraft positions.

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